When a Cp value is larger than a Pp, this generally means a. The process dispersion is larger than what can be achieved optimally b. The process is…

1.    When a Cp value is larger than a Pp, this generally means

a.    The process dispersion is larger than what can be achieved optimally

b.    The process is not centered on target

c.    The process is CLOSER to being centered

d.    The voice of the customer (i.e. the specification window) has widened

2.    If I am measuring a crowd of adults to the nearest foot to determine variation, one would say which of the following?

a.    The measurement system has adequate resolution

b.    The measurement system does not have adequate resolution

c.    The measurement system is not stable

d.    The measurement system has little deviation from the actual value

3.    How might one find a constraint in a process?

a.    Poka Yoke interpretation

b.    TRIZ analysis

c.    Response surface analysis

d.    Conduct a Work Breakdown Structure

4.    The most effective decision-making method in Six Sigma thinking is through

a.    Consensus

b.    Affinity diagram

c.    Majority rule

d.    PERT Chart

5.    The reason why an X-bar R chart is effective when dealing with non-normal data has to do with 

a.    The central limit theorem

b.    The fact that averages vary less than individuals

c.    The binominal distribution

d.    Statistical decision theory

6.    A sample of 25 parts are inspected for a specific dimension with a resulting average of 2.22 and s=0.67, what is the 99.73% confidence bound on the average?

a.    1.118 and 3.332

b.    2.000 and 2.440

c.    0.21 and 4.23

d.    2.043 and 2.397

7.    Universality is ___ and Speed is ___ of TRIZ.

a.    One of the 39 parameters, one of the 40 innovative principles

b.    One of the 40 innovative principles, one of the 39 parameters

c.    There is no such thing as the 40 principles of TRIZ

d.    There is no such thing as the 39 parameters of TRIZ

8.    Which of the following is FALSE of pre-control charts?

a.    They work well with small production runs

b.    They are easy to use

c.    They can should process capability

d.    They can show true statistical significance for shifts, trends, and points out of control

9.    Your company has to choose between four possible projects. Project A (six months) will have an IRR of 6%. Project B (eight months) will have an IRR of 10%. Project C (six months) will have an IRR of 11%. Project D (eight months) will have an IRR of 9%. Which of the projects would you recommend on this information alone?

a.    Project A

b.    Project B

c.    Project C

d.    Project D

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