What are the essential concepts, ideas, insights presented b

What are the essential concepts, ideas, insights presented by theauthor of the article? (NO quotations! If you do want to use specificinformation, paraphrase and cite your source.)What connection can you make to any concepts and ideas presented inyour chapter readings or the video(s) for this week? (NO quotations! Ifyou do want to use specific information, paraphrase and cite yoursource.)What did you like least about the article? What did you like most?Make sure that you revisit the course readings, lectures, and/or videos. You must include at least one course reading (besides the required supplemental reading) in your analysis.Marx, K. (1844). Estranged labour. Retrieved from http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1844/manuscripts/labour.htm.Kurzman, C., Key, C., Lee, Y.O., Moloney, M., Silver, A., & Van Ryn, M.W. (2007). Celebrity status. Sociological Theory, 25(4), 348-368. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9558.2007.00313.x3 Ritzer, G., and Stepinsky, J. (2013). Contemporary sociological theoryand its classical roots:The basics (4th ed.). NewYork: McGraw-Hill. (ch 2-3)

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