We must write our personal theory of learning according to w

We must write our personal theory of learning according to what we read ( I will Attach the readings ) * The Guide for the final paper This is very general so as not to be too restrictive of your creativity. If you have major deviations from this type of format let me know, probably they will be OK too. I’m picturing the papers and presentations having the following core components, although not necessarily in this order: Your definition of learning complete with whatever other explanation of your theory that you need, including exemplars.In what ways is your definition compatible with the theories we discussed in class?In what ways is your definition incompatible with the theories we discussed in class?What outside material (drawn from your annotated bibliography) has informed your definition?Are there any pedagogically relevant predictions or implications of your definition? How do they differ from those forwarded by existing theories? How could you begin to empirically test the veracity of your definition? This doesn’t need to be statistically sophisticated, but you should forward some general research goals. In terms of length, I think 5-8 pages will be sufficient for most of your papers, and a 10 minute presentation will be a concise way to share your argument with the class. Your annotated bibliography will consist of those texts you read outside of the syllabus and a very brief explanation of how each were relevant to your theorizing. The bibliography is to read at least 4 articles for different scientist and explain how it is related to my theory ** the attach is the bibliography that we already read , the 4 that you have to read is different than the attachment

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