We, hopefully, use reasoning andevidence to make important d

We, hopefully, use reasoning andevidence to make important decisions. One decision that was on theNovember California ballot was on the topic of changing the deathpenalty. I want us to look at this topic in the context of this class.So here is our Claim:Resolved: California should eliminate the death penalty.As you can see it is a policy claim and worded against the status quoto generate controversy. I would like you to respond to this claim usingthe four steps we have been exploring in this class.One issue: a neutral, unbiased question about capital punishment (and don’t use the words why or should)One Contention: the answer to the question.Your position on the claim. Remember don’t change the wording of the claim just state if you will be arguing for or against the claim.Prove your contention: state your contention and then provide some evidence. A quick internet search will easily provide you with evidence.

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