we have to write the chapter review for the each chapter ! T

we have to write the chapter review for the each chapter ! The first assignment we have to complete 6 pages ! Each chapter for one and half pages so there is 4 chapter we have to finish until next week! Chapter Reviews It is vital in this course, that students read. You have been assigned two chapters a week to read before class. In this manner you will be prepared to engage in class discussions. Students will write a review worth 10 points for each of the 15 chapters. This should exhibit your learning and most importantly convince your professor the material has indeed been read! How can you do that? Provide more than the minimum summary provided by the text itself. Provide examples not found in the text. Due before class starts. I am assuming these should be approx. one and a half pages for each chapter. Don’t worry about the first week, turn it in by the second week. https://www.dropbox.com/s/56r217eihy73b62/%E6%AA%9… I have PDF for this book! Are you able to open it?

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