Watch the movie “A Beautiful Mind” and write a 3 page op

Watch the movie “A Beautiful Mind” and write a 3 page opinion paper with the following issues addressed:1) What is the scariest part of the mental illness of schizophrenia?2) Do madness and genius appear often together?3) What are your impressions of Nash in the opening third of the film while he’s attending graduate school at Princeton?4) How would you describe his attitude toward intellect — his own and that of others?5) Nash was told by his second grade teacher that he had been given two helpings of brain but only one helping of heart- what did that mean?6) Do you consider yourself an intellectual person? If so, what major challenges have you faced by placing so much emphasis upon the intellect?7) What are you overall feelings about the movie? What did you like? Dislike? Explain and use examples.- APA style is required with title and reference page and written in third person.. – Must be double spaced (12pt type and Times New Roman) – Must have within text citations. THIS IS A MUST!! – Guidelines for APA writing format:“A Beautiful Mind” –…

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