View one of the following movies. Discuss the cultural adapt

View one of the following movies. Discuss the cultural adaptation issues that are present in the film. You should give a synopsis of the film and then discuss any cultural issues that we have covered in the text.You should have an introductory paragraph that includes a brief synopsis of the film, and a thesis statement that tells us what you hope to accomplish with this paperAt least three body paragraphs (this may vary depending on how many cultural concepts you cover)A conclusion paragraph summing up your thoughts on the film and cultural issues presented.Your paper should be 2-3 pages double spaced. Any source material, including the movie, must be cited in APA format.Movie ListIf you do not own one of these movies, consider Redbox, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or other video rental services.Grand TorinoKarate Kid 2Boys N da HoodMemoirs of a GeishaThe CoveAvatarLost in TranslationMonster’s BallThe Laramie ProjectThe Crying GameRemember the TitansSlumdog MillionaireCrashMy Big Fat Greek WeddingKite RunnerBlood DiamondMaria Full of GraceEmpire of the SunThe Gods Must Be CrazyHotel RwandaRabit Proof FenceJoy Luck ClubThe Killing FieldsThe Bird CageThe WitnessBrokeback MountainLast of the Mohicans

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