Using the same scenario from Assignment 1, Supporting Docume

Using the same scenario from Assignment 1, Supporting Documents, and Assignment 2, you have completed your proposal and are ready to present the information to the CEO and the organization’s decision-makers. Make a power point lasting 5-10 minutes in which you present the findings and recommendations of your full proposal. Create a five to ten (5-10) minute powerpoint in which you: Present the major points of your proposal for addressing organizational learning issues. Include details on criteria one through nine (1-9) from Assignment 2.Project your voice in order to clearly convey your ideas.Present in a professional manner.Use technology (e.g., audio quality, video quality, naming conventions) to convey ideas.Use voice inflection and proper grammar. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Examine the processes of how organizations learn and organizational barriers that impact the process.Examine the concepts of personal mastery and mental models and their related importance in a learning organization.Examine the driving forces related to organizational learning.Analyze the key components of a learning organization and the role of a chief learning officer.Evaluate strategies for creating a learning organization.Evaluate management behaviors that influence organizational learning.Analyze the shifts in organizational structure and processes to create a learning organization.Examine talent management as an essential element of the learning organization.Use technology and information resources to research issues in developing a learning organization.Write clearly and concisely about developing a learning organization using proper writing mechanic.

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