Use Grammarly to review at least two paragraphs from your ro

Use Grammarly to review at least two paragraphs from your rough draft. Remember, your draft is an academic essay.Carefully read all issues found by Grammarly and revise your paragraphs. Reflect: Consider the revision, proofreading, and editing steps you have taken in the last two weeks. Were they effective? How can you make the revision process – especially proofreading and editing – a part of every assignment in college and the workplace? Write: (due Thursday, Day 3)Post your original paragraphs and your final, revised paragraphs in the discussion. Be sure to label them accordingly. Then, in 200 to 300 words, describe your Grammarly experience. Address the following areas:Identify the top three issues Grammarly uncovered in your work (e.g. wordiness, passive voice, subject-verb agreement). Were any of those issues surprising?Share some of the feedback Grammarly provided as explanations.What did you learn? Was it helpful?Describe the usefulness of the Grammarly tool.Did your writing improve?Will you use Grammarly to help you proofread your entire paper? Why or why not?Will you use Grammarly for your future class assignments? Why or why not?Share any remaining proofreading questions or concerns. ( will supply you with a copy of my personal essay to use)

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