Unit III Case StudyUsing ONE of the case study examples on p

Unit III Case StudyUsing ONE of the case study examples on page 83 of your textbook, imagine that you are a probation officer and developa presentence investigation report for either Defendant Green or Defendant Tuff. This report needs to incorporate themain components of a presentence investigation (PSI) report as found on page 89 of your textbook, and you can takecreative liberties with the parts of the offender’s background that are not discussed in the case example. Instead ofdiscussing determinate and indeterminate sentencing options, you will assume that you are in an indeterminatesentencing state, and you will make a recommendation to the judge for sentencing options based upon the offender’sprofile, and he will be sentenced to probation. You will explain in paragraph form the standard and special conditions ofprobation that would be appropriate for the defendant that you choose, and why those conditions would be appropriate,and these will be the recommendations for the judge.Upon completion of the presentence investigation report, discuss in paragraph form the risk/needs assessment that youwould conduct on either Defendant Green or Defendant Tuff. Make sure to discuss dynamic and static factors for risk.Explain why you are identifying these factors as dynamic and static and why they need to be addressed for the defendantthat you choose.Finally, develop a case supervision plan for the defendant that you choose, and explain in paragraph form at least threethings that you will address with the defendant in order of priority (i.e., the most important will be discussed first). Thesewill be identified upon completion of your risk/needs assessment. Incorporate the principles of effective correctionalintervention and potentially beneficial intervention strategies to use with your probation client.In addition to using your textbook as a reference for this case study, you are also required to utilize at least one otheracceptable reference. Your paper should be at least four pages long, not including the reference or title pages. Yourdeveloped presentence investigation report should comprise at least two full pages, with the remaining two sections of thepaper comprising at least two full pages.Please remember that all case studies need to be submitted in APA style with a title page and separate references page.

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