Trump’s Rule-Slashing Is Bad News for Europe’s Banks https:/

Trump’s Rule-Slashing Is Bad News for Europe’s Banks You are Equity Analyst at a large European Hedge Fund. In the context of the dramatic rally in US banking stocks since the US presidential election, and the potential repeal of Dodd Frank (see above) the link , you have been asked to write a report for the fund’s CIO (Chief Investment Officer) analysing the European banking sector. You have been specifically asked to critically evaluate how the following issues (non-exclusively) have hampered the recovery of European banking sector: The implementation of Basel III;The challenge of low (negative) interest rates;The legacy of non-performing loans on bank’s balance sheets;The risk of a renewed Euro-zone sovereign debt can use other issues if relevant , not exclusively to include all issues above On the basis of this assessment you have also been asked to comment on the current valuation of the European banking sector, and recommend whether the fund should reassess its current significantly underweight position in the Euro STOXX Bank Index. Students are encouraged to independently research, present their own findings, and support their work with figures, graphs, excel files and other materials wherever applicable.2800 wordsreferences in Harvard style for 2 pages add Bibliography please

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