thses all the instruction for the Assignment -the pages from

thses all the instruction for the Assignment -the pages from the book will be attched down below as photos Answer Five Questions From the Discussion Scroll Q.1. Discuss between the Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures.Read pages 146-50 and describe how the Paleolithic man became the Neolithic; in your discussion identify and fully conceptualize the term “Paleolithic” and “Neolithic.” In your closing remark write the importance of the transition from “Stone Age” to “Agriculture.”Q.2. How do you prove that the Nile Valley transformed its Paleolithic culture without outside influence?Read page page147 and explain how the Nile River and the inundations provide with silt and made agriculture possible.Q.3. Describe the physical characteristics of the Badarians and identify their culture. Are they different from the people of Lower Valley?Read page 149-51 Upper Kemet and Lower Kemet and discuss their contribution to the Nile Valley civilization. In your closing remark write their most significant contribution.Q.4.There are many contending theories about the origin of the Neolithic culture. What is your position on these issues?Read page 152 carefully and take any position you think more plausible as a place of origin for instance: Middle east; Mesopotamia, the river Tigris and Ephrates; the Levant. Your closing remark is your opinion on the natural and social phenomena.Q.5. Discuss the Bronze Age in general terms and identify the three main categories in chronological order—early, middle, and late periods, pages 149-51Read page 154 and also use the chronological table on page 148 to help you date the period.

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