This week you start your first step toward building your res

This week you start your first step toward building your research proposal project in Project assignment 2 in which you identify your selected research problem. Use this application assignment to achieve two goals:Learn how to search an online data base.Identify and review two journal articles in that data base that are related to your selected research problem. All VIU students have a free access to the online JSTOR database and other data bases. Search JSTOR or Other data bases, depending on your selected topic of research, for one journal article that is related to your selected research problem, download the article (not the abstract) and review it and keep it, you will have to include it in your submission for this application. Identify the Research Problem discussed in your downloaded article. Explain the problem in your own words, and discuss the importance of the study. Identify Hypotheses. Identify whether or not research hypotheses are present in such study. Follow the following instructions to get your submission graded:1.Ensure you follow the grading rubric provided below but do not include it in your submitted file. 2.Upload answers to all questions in a single MS Word document. Then upload the single file. Upload the file with your class number followed by last name and first initial followed by Application_Assignment_2. Example “77_Moumen_F-Application_Assignment_2.doc”3. Put your Last name followed by your first name as the first line in your submitted word fileThen put the name of the selected article that you used. 4. Submit you document and a PDF file containing the article you used by Day 7 of this week, this assignment will close on day 7.

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