This week thecourse centers around budgeting in Healthcare.

This week thecourse centers around budgeting in Healthcare. In a critical analysisutilize step 17 of the budget process from your Berger readings andapply it to your organization that you have been utilizing during thecourse for case studies or another organization of your choice. Select aproject at your organization or in a department and utilizing step 17follow the requirements and convert these operational needs intodollars. Be sure to describe the project and how you came to the projectbudget.In your research about your organization check out wherethey are in the news, what new services or projects are they bringingon? New technologies or providers? Recruiting new faculty or physiciansor technicians for new services? Perhaps the project is to revamp an oldarea. All of these are applicable. Estimate the dollars required basedon budgeting.Step 17 states-Budgeting steps Detailedspecifications-detail the resources needed by project managers to carryout approved projects, these resource needs are converted into actualdollars

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