This week, the CIO has asked you to conduct a Supervisor Awa

This week, the CIO has asked you to conduct a Supervisor Awareness seminar at your company. The CIO believes employee awareness is essential to IT Security and could easily reduce security breaches, risks, and threats, by half. Additionally, the CIO believes you can persuade the Supervisors that our employees are key to reducing how IT Security negatively affects the company.Create a 5-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Include the following:Reasons why, how, and what employees need to do to positively reduce the causes of IT Security negative eventsClearly defined and explained suggestionsRefer to the topics as listed in the linked Week Five Individual assignment and use which topics are appropriate for this assignmentAdequate references to support your findings, information, and opinionsA minimum of two outside academic references are requiredVideos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriateSubstantial speaker notes to elaborate on the key points of your planAudio narration within your presentationAPA Formatting

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