This project assignment is a preliminary step toward buildin

This project assignment is a preliminary step toward building your own course research proposal project. In this assignment # 1 you select one of three research articles posted in week 1, study it carefully and answer clearly and in your own words the following questions:Which Article did choose to examine?What is the Problem statement or the question to be answered presented in the article?What are the subproblems stated in the article?What is the significance of the research study?What is the research and null hypotheses regarding the problem and subproblems presented in the article?What is the research methodology used in the article to analyze the problem (what is the sampling procedure used, what data is collected, what analysis of the data is used)?How the authors presented the literature review of previous work? And how they compared to their work?What are the conclusions derived?How the authors presented the references?Instructions: 1. Note that in this research methods class, we start our research project next week by selecting your own research problem, so make sure that you answer these questions after you read the article and understand all the detailed steps of research in it.2. Do not share your answers with anyone. If you do, you and others shared with you will get no credit and not be tolerated.2. Write your assignment in a single MS Word document and review carefully before you submit it. Then upload the single file. Be sure to label the file with your last name and first initial followed by Project Assignment 1. Example “Moumen F Project Assignment 1.doc”3. Submit your project assignment by Day 7 of this week. The assignment forum will close on Day 7.

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