This is the professor feedback: Ok this is a good start but

This is the professor feedback: Ok this is a good start but you have more to go. You must have 22 slides, 8 sounds, 8 custom animations (not customgifs). You need a slide with your references. Please take off theautomatic timing. You should advance your slides manually during thepresentation. you need more content on your slides . Please work on this and make sure you have all the elements when yousubmit the final version. Look at the blog for help with the customanimations. Here is the instruction: The project will consist of a minimum of a 22 slide PowerPoint Presentation on your lesson plan topic. (1 slide is the title and 1 slide is the references).Project elements include:***You must have a title slide and works cited in addition to the 20 topic slides. * 22 slides (One for the title and one for works cited) * 8 sounds * 8 animations * 2 hyperlink buttons/images to related websites * Slide transition (on all slides) * 1 digital video or voice integration (2 additional hyperlinks can replace the video) * 12 images of which 6 must be real photographs * 3 photographic backgrounds

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