This is a 2 Part Assignment: Part I and Part II should be su

This is a 2 Part Assignment: Part I and Part II should be submitted in two different word documents. Both documents must be checked for plagiarism prior to submittal.Part I:Use the Internet to find a scholarly source that lists various management theories.For this activity you will be choosing one of the theories of management that you found and writing a 2 to 3 paragraph initial post that explains how you plan to use that theory of management in developing the new process for Apple Inc. (Attached is an introduction to a Processing Improvement Plan to use for a reference).Things to Consider:What are the benefits of using the selected management theory in the development of a process? What are the downsides to this particular theory? Provide examples of other leaders successfully implementing the management theory. Part II:(a). Conduct a SWOT analysis using the information you gathered in the Process Improvement Plan Introduction (attached) regarding your chosen process. Review the various readings to identify the structure of a SWOT analysis. This SWOT analysis will be conducted on the current processes in place for your organization that are related to your chosen management issue. You should clearly highlight the weaknesses as you will need to convince the board that the process should be changed. (b). After completing your SWOT analysis, provide a 1-2 page summary on how you plan to use your SWOT as a management tool when improving or changing the current policy. You should also be addressing how your management theory will help you apply your SWOT analysis.This assignment should include:A comprehensive SWOT analysis. Clearly highlight the weaknesses because you will need to convince the board and all the stakeholders that the process does need to be changed.A 1-2 page (300-500 word) summary that explains how you plan to use your SWOT analysis as a management tool.(c). Using the management theories you selected in the discussion this week and your SWOT analysis, develop a 2 to 3 page business strategy that will help you address the weaknesses that were identified as a result of your analysis.

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