TheDepartment of Veteran’s Affairs is required by law to pro

TheDepartment of Veteran’s Affairs is required by law to provide eligible veteranshospital care and outpatient care services that are defined as’needed.’ VA defines ‘needed’ as care or service that willpromote, preserve, and restore health. This includes treatment, procedures,supplies, or services. This decision of need will be based on the judgment ofyour health care provider and in accordance with generally accepted standardsof clinical practice. I choose to write about this Act because there are somany veterans out in the world that gave their time for their country and donot receive the care they should. A lot of them are homeless and don’t knowwhat they are entitled to through the government. The Enhancement Act of 2008helped further outline Veterans’ right to healthcare. Veterans are entitled tohealthcare preventative maintenance, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, mentalhealth treatment and a host of other health care services. The planning and thecoordination of medical care for Veterans is very demanding and will forever bein desperate need of revising. Also, if a Veteran is receiving some type ofdisability, they may have family that is entitled to healthcare as wellaccording to the policies of Veteran’s Healthcare Act.Term Paper: Thestudent will develop an 8-10 page paper on a community health assessment forprogram planning, including the benefits of incorporating components of variousapproaches to conducting a needs assessment, selecting the appropriate statisticsfor analysis of data and the target audience for the program. The paper will utilize the APA format,double-spaced with 1-inch margins and a 12-point font. The cover sheet, table of contents, index,pictures, or excessive quotations do not count as the body of the paper

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