The threats of habitat loss and pollutionIdentify some spec

The threats of habitat loss and pollutionIdentify some species of interest to you that your classmates have not discussed yet. Maybe they are local ones, or maybe they live on another continent. Review the IUCN Red List ( to find one whose threats to survival include habitat loss or pollution.What is the primary cause of habitat loss or pollution for this species? Are there loggers cutting down their forest? Is desertification transforming their grassland to dry desert? Are humans building roads and cutting up a formerly continuous landscape into discontinuous patches? Is pollution from a factory degrading the natural health of the stream where it lives? Are plastic items found in its habitat creating a threat to its survival?What impact does this have on the species living there?What benefit might companies that pollute incur from disregarding the impact on the environment? What benefit might companies that increase habitat loss incur? Why would they be resistant to change?Formulate a plan to reduce the threat to the environment imposed by these companies. Try to accommodate any needs of the companies causing the problem so they want to help.Your initial posting should be 250-500 words and must be submitted by Thursday, 11:59 pm

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