The song Grateful Dead- Sugar MagnoliaI choose this song fro

The song Grateful Dead- Sugar MagnoliaI choose this song from the list of lesson#5. However, the reason why this song stands out to me is because of its melody. Contrast to other songs, this song’s melody is much more soft, and it’s comfortable for me to hear. The song starts with the sounds of the drums, the guitar, and the bass. The timbre of the band is bright and filled with emotion, and the tempo is slow. The drum’s sound is obstinate, and the bass’ sound is riff. The melody of the song is warm and soothing, and the texture is thin. Nonetheless, after Googling the meaning of the lyrics, i find that the line’jump like a Willys in four- wheel drive’ refers to the model of jeep manufactured by Willys-Overland Motors. On the other hand, someone said that meaning of the song was about the love and appreciation of nature, and how it infuses us in a wonderful way, it restores and reconnects us.However, the song is groovy, and the melody is awesome. And if you are still wondering which song to choose, I highly recommend you to listen to this song.

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