The questions must be in APA format with no minimum word cou

The questions must be in APA format with no minimum word count.•Please use a scholarly source for your references.•Each response must have an in text citation•Please be sure to use proper grammar and English•Please be specific in the responsesQUESTIONS: Describe the movement of air in Ferrell cells What is the Coriolis Effect? Name the six criteria pollutants monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency. Describe the effects of two of those pollutants and the human body. Why is indoor air pollution typically more dangerous that outdoor air pollution? What is the most common indoor air pollutant in the developed world? What about in developing nations? How is global climate change different from global warming? How do greenhouse gases affect surface temperatures? Be specific. How do the combustion of fossil fuels and the deforestation of the planet interact to increase global warming? Why are the poles warming faster than other regions of the globe? What are aerosols and how do they function in the atmosphere? How can ice cores provide information about climatic conditions on the planet before humans were able to measure them directly? What is a storm surge and how is global climate change affecting storm surges? Name three ways that organisms are being affected by global climate change. Americans emit over 20% of greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere each year, but Americans only make up 4.5% of the global population. What conclusions do you draw from this fact? Name five ways that you can reduce your personal level of greenhouse emissions. Do you plan on taking steps like those you described in #15 to reduce your contributions to greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere?

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