The paper should be a minimum of 13 pages of text. This page

The paper should be a minimum of 13 pages of text. This page count does not include the cover pageor reference list.The essay should discuss the following items regarding the Syrian civil war:Who are the main groups involved in the civil war? Consider each group’s culture, leadership,and political interests.What are the dynamics of the civil war itself? How was the war initiated? What has been theduration and intensity of the civil war? What would you consider major turning points in theconflict?What role have international actors played in the conflict?What do you consider the most likely outcome for the civil war? Will the war conclude with agovernment victory, rebel victory, or a negotiated settlement? What is the basis for yourprediction?The strongest papers will incorporate concepts and theories from the class meaningfully and extensively.Essays that fail to cite and discuss material from the class will not receive a passing grade.Papers must use at least seven research resources that were not assigned in class. Only university pressbooks and academic journal articles will count towards these seven required items.While they will not count toward meeting the research requirement, students are encouraged to usenewspapers and other reliable sources for information about the Syrian conflict.Sources that are found solely online (such as Wikipedia and Huffington Post) and biased sources (such asgovernment websites) should not be cited in papers. If you have doubts about whether a potential sourceis acceptable or not, please ask me.Essays are required to use the Chicago Manual of Style’s author-date citation format.

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