The goal of this exercise is to provide the opportunity for

The goal of this exercise is to provide the opportunity for students to understand through first hand experiences, that there are a wide varieties of identities in a multicultural America. Each student is required to prepare a 6 to 8 page printed on paper that summarizes two personal new experiences that help you recognize and better understand specific multi-cultural identities. This assignment requires that you attend two separate events that are targeted at a specific cultural identity across two sources of identity (see tables below). You must attend two events targeted at a “source of identity” that you have not previously been exposed to. These events/activities/meetings include those associated with the fine arts, music, dance, handicrafts, food and drink, industry and business, agriculture, education, literature, and language, science, government, and religion. Basically, the assignment requires you to specify how two specific “events” enriched your understanding of multicultural identities. The paper should include the following components:Overview of the source of identity. This section should address the following types of questions relative to the experience that you are going to be writing and talking about. For example, What is your source of identity for each of the selected topics? What source of identity did you choose to experience? Did you attend these events with someone or did you have this experience alone? Why did you choose these two sources of identity? What were these events? (date, time format, people in attendance, etc.).Overview of knowledge you gained about other sources of identity. This section should identify and describe in detail some of the things that you learned about another culture identity during your experiences. For example, What did you learn about the basis of community and cultural expressions of the events that you visited? How did you learn these things?Overview of the personal growth associated with this cultural identity assignment. This section should provide a brief description of some of things that you learned about yourself through your attendance/involvement event associated with an unfamiliar cultural identify.In order to attain a satisfactory grade on this assignment it is expected that the paper include an introduction that allows the reader to understand the objectives of your paper and a conclusion that effectively summarizes the knowledge attained through the completion of this assignment. The paper should effectively communicate the required information making use of examples to illustrate important points and must be integrated with the lectures and readings. The paper must be well organized and written (I suggest you have class mates or friends proof read your papers before you turn them in to me).

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