The focus of our Listening Forum #6 is:Girl Groups/Female Vo

The focus of our Listening Forum #6 is:Girl Groups/Female Vocalists/Female Instrumentalists/Women in Rock! All genres (styles) of Rock/Pop Music and all time periods are available for this Listening Forum #6 – Women in Rock from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s to the present, Punk, R&B, Funk, Rockabilly, Soul, Hip-Hop, Riot Grrrl, etc.Select One Song to describe and provide the url links so we can listen to your song selections while we read your descriptions and commentary.Provide some information about the women or the Female Group whose music you are posting – time period of the recording, genre of music represented, country of origin, influences, etc.List what you notice in the music itself–the instruments being used, the unique timbre (bright, dark, heavy, light, gravelly, pure, round, jagged, etc.) of these instruments, the timbre of the singer’s voice (if applicable), the interpretation of the lyrics (if applicable), the tempo, the texture, the mood conveyed, improvisation (be sure to list the instrument(s) being played), and try to include what it is that really makes the song stand out to you–perhaps it is one particular instrument or a singer’s voice, an improvised solo, the bass line, the groove, the tempo, etc.

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