The firm’s client, Abel, returns to the firm this week. He h

The firm’s client, Abel, returns to the firm this week. He hasreviewed the police report that was filed after the accident describedin Week 09. It is Abel’s belief that Justine was the true cause of theaccident between Abel and his brother, Cain. Abel still needs to respondto his brother’s complaint and wishes to file the counterclaim againsthim, but also wishes to sue Justine. According to Abel:He got into an accident with his brother, but his brother turned out into the lane in front of him, causing the accident.The reason Cain turned out in front of Abel was because JustineJeffries slammed on her brakes at the last minute, which caused Cain toturn into Abel’s lane. Justine was texting at the time of the accident, which undoubtedly helped to cause the accident. Abel believes that if Justine hadn’t been texting and slammed on thebrakes at the last minute, Cain would not have swerved into Abel’s lane.If he had still swerved, Abel believes there would have been enoughtime for him to evade Cain’s car. Your supervising attorney has asked that you add in a claim ofnegligence against Justine Jeffries as a third party complaint. He likedyour original answer, and thus you can use the original answer withcounterclaims as your base. He has provided you with a sample of anotherthird party complaint to see how the document should look here.

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