The final reflection paper is a four full page paper that fo

The final reflection paper is a four full page paper that focuses on your overall views about what you have learned from the class discussions, interactions, readings, journaling, presentations, lectures and service learning It should stress how you will become a model citizen in the future. Here are some key bullet points that should help you with the essay. Write an observation report of your service learning activity. Do a description of your service activity, detailing all what happened while you were at the children’s library Why did you choose the option that you worked on?Did the time you spent at the Service Learning Site change your career path or strengthen your views about teaching or relationship with people.How did the service learning experience feel? Did you make a difference? What worked and what did not work? What do we need to change and or improve on?Your final paragraphs should focus on the changes you will make in your community, school district or in your town as a model citizen.How are you envisaging your own personal growth as a human being and as a model citizen? Do you now understand your role as a citizen? What are some issues that this class has ignited in you and what areas do you see yourself working on in your effort to improve public education?

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