The final draft of your popular science report is due here b

The final draft of your popular science report is due here before midnight. Make sure it is presented as a Word document in proper CSE format as illustrated in BCH pp. 306-308; remember that the minimum word count (without documentation) is 900 words. Because the paper is designed for a popular audience, you will not need an abstract. Do not use direct quotes, but remember to cite the sources of all information. All material must be in your own words for a popular audience. I submitted a paper that I am going to attach. I need my paper to be corrected. I need all sources used to be cited whithin the text and a reference page in CSE format. I NEED MY SOURCES CITED IN CSE FORMAT. Any sources you use please cite correctly. I just need my paper fixed. ASAP! I have attached a list of sources to use within the essay. YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE TOPIC FURTHER ONCE YOU READ MY PAPER ATTACHED! YOU CAN USE MY PAPERS TO HELP BUT IT WAS PLAGIARIZED SO YOU HAVE TO PARAPHRASE (RE WRITE) IT AND CITE THE SOURCES USED IF YOU LIKE!!!

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