Submit 12–15 PowerPoint slides with a 1000–1500 words of

Submit 12–15 PowerPoint slides with a 1000–1500 words of speaker’s notes. 5 references. Background scenario is attached.Throughout the course, you have been developing the marketing plan to enter the Belgian market. You have reflected on the question of whether an alternate source of cacao beans other than Ivory Coast should be considered. By incorporating the idea of fair trade in a new line of chocolate brand into the Belgium market, would it give Andy’s company a marketing advantage? Why or why not? How can you build this ethical dilemma into your overall marketing plan and turn it into a positive for a marketing and public awareness campaign? What could be possible negative effects (for your company and others) by discussing an alternative? Submit your findings to Andy’s Dad to emphasize the importance of doing business with countries that have ethical boundaries.

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