submission of Research ProposalThe purposeof this Research

submission of Research ProposalThe purposeof this Research Proposal is to develop a systematic plan that can beused to conduct primary research for the MBA management applicationportfolio industry analysis. You are not collecting data; this is merelya proposal to collect data. Include the following in your research proposal:Select a topic of meaning to your professional career and/or industry.Design a research question(s) about the topic selected formed as quantitative or qualitative.Share why this topic and research question is important for you.Present your review of the literature related to your topic. Applycritical thinking as you write at a synthesis level what you learnedfrom the sources of knowledge reviewed. Aim for three themes drawn fromthe literature.You should include a minimum of 10-12 reputable sources, includingacademic, industry, and business publications. (Academic sources includejuried journal articles.) Books may also be used if they are written byrelatively well-known authors.Use APA 6th standard to format paper, e.g., titles, spacing,citations, and references. Double-spaced, consistent font throughoutpaper, 12 font size My research question is to what extent has digital marketing improved the standards in marketing in the medium and small scale businesses? My topic name is Digital marketingYou have to select scholarly articles and four popular articles to complete the paper so I am uploading the six scholarly articles and rest four scholarly articles you need to select from web

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