Students will apply the elements of fiction to the writing o

Students will apply the elements of fiction to the writing of an original short story (1000 to 5000 words.) Select an appropriate point of view; incorporate symbols, irony, foreshadowing, and other techniques. Give particular attention to effective characterization and vivid setting. Submit it electronically and to and complete an analysis sheet to accompany the story showing how the work incorporates the various elements of fiction (SLO 1,2,3). Download this form and write your responses in a different color font. Submit this with your original short story: 1. What is the title of your story? 2. What point of view have you used? 3. Who is the protagonist? 4. Who is the antagonist? 5. Who is a foil character? 6. What exposition have you given? 7. What is the theme of your story? 8. Have you used any foreshadowing? If so, where? 9. Have you used any allusions? If so, what? 10. Does anything in the story function as a symbol? If so, what? 11. How have you shown, rather than told? 12. If you have used discourse (written conversation) have you remembered to start a new paragraph each time the speaker changes? 13. What inspired this story idea? 14. What have you learned about appreciating fiction from writing fiction?

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