Resources Week 2 Learning Team Collaborative Discussion and

Resources: Week 2 Learning Team Collaborative Discussion and the Learning Team Charter for Collaborative Learning Activities. Write a 260- to 350-word individual response to the following:Consider the multiple definitions of collaboration.Define collaboration and how you will apply it in this course basedupon the discussion with your Learning Team. Be sure to reference andcite your sources.Answer the question individually. Please elaborate on some of the specific information that I had posted in class last week, such as: Almost every one, on a daily basis works in or on a team. Teams canrange from a family setting, to sports, or to an employment position. Ina productive team environment there will be support, (emotional,physical, and mental), and within a teams efforts many different, andeven adverse solutions can be designed. Learning teams are an extensiveapplication to the learning experience incorporated into a class, orbusiness setting.How do you go about breaking down the anxieties that other teammembers may have? How about your own anxieties (if you have any)?Every member of a team needs to be heard, feel valuable, andvalidated. Not one member is better than the other, just different.Within the difference from one member to the other, a team will find abalance from having many different types of opinions, views, andperspectives to offer. It is from these differences that a team is morelikely to succeed. To achieve balance every member must participate adequately, and eachidea, or thought should be discussed within the group for elaborationpurposes, and for the purpose of any needed editing that might bedeemed appropriate for the discussed topic. It is up to a group leaderto lead their group in the expected direction with questions, commentsand prompts, to keep the topic flowing, and to ask for suggestions, andeven assign different parts of the topics exercise to different teammembers.

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