Prompt Using Wikipedia as a starting point, research a topi

Prompt: Using Wikipedia as a starting point, research a topic for this class or another class. Select a topic that is ‘big’ (for example, global warming). Use the footnotes in the Wikipedia article to help you narrow your focus (for instance, you might discover a footnote to an article about global warming and biodiversity). Use your college library or the Internet, or both, to locate the articles, reports, and other publications cited in these footnotes. Write a short report describing your research process. You can comment on aspects of the research process that were simple and worked well as well as challenges you faced and things you’d do differently in the future. Have you used this approach to research before? Did you find it helpful and effective, or do you prefer another way of approaching your research? If yes, what is that approach and why is it better? Although the book requires you to write a 3-4 page report, you are only required to write 1-2 pages. As the prompt suggested, please choose a topic that is ‘big’, but, unless you have a particular interest in global warming/climate change, I’d prefer you to select your own topic rather than use the default suggested topic.

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