Please provide a 150-200 word response to the question and p

Please provide a 150-200 word response to the question and please use at least 1 reference. Also please cite reference in APA 6th edition format and please provide doi or www info for reference if applicable. The supervisor needs to be trained in order to implement employee appraisal. This is an advantage when the actual supervisor is trained since he is the one who is usually conducting the performance appraisal along with the performance feedback of the employee (Levy, 2013). In addition, when there are multiple raters, if for some reason a supervisor is not trained or is bias then the other supervisor rating should balance out the employee’s ratings (Levy, 2013). Plus, supervisors will also need to be aware and rely on indirect sources when direct interaction is not available especially in the instance of telecommuting so this is an area that the supervisor would also need to be trained in (Levy, 2013). Yes, employees should be able to self-rate prior to the feedback meeting. This is because employees who are given the opportunity to self-rate or even to share their own ideas while an appraisal or interview is taking place have shown to respond even more positive in reference to the appraisal instead of those who were not given the opportunity to assess themselves (Levy, 2013). This intervention can help increase the quality of the actual employee appraisal by allowing the employee to be part of the process by including his voice (Levy, 2013). The employees has shown insight into how the actual job should be done so the self-appraisal of the employee has proven to be valuable data especially when the supervisor and employee join forces in the goal (Bowman, 1999).

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