Please provide a 150-200 word response to the below questio

Please provide a 150-200 word response to the below question and please use at least 1 reference. Also please cite reference in APA 6th edition format and please provide doi or www info for reference if applicable. Reliability checks for the stability of the type of measure (Levy, 2013). When testing, researchers strive to use a variable to predict behavior, attitudes, or performance (Levy, 2013). The variable that the researchers use has to be measured (Levy, 2013). Without a stable measure, the findings are unreliable. Reliability is important as it helps researchers get dependable and consistent findings. Validity is important, as it deals with how well the variable was measured.Construct validity is the amount a test measures the primary construct it was supposed to measure. Construct validity is demonstrated by two different types of evidence, and those are content validity and criterion-related validity (Levy, 2013). An example of content validity can be seen in employment settings. For instance, say a high school was going to hire a new math teacher. They interviewed possible candidates and then had them each take a test with many questions regarding algebra, calculus, and statistics and a few intermittent questions regarding geometry. They chose the candidate with the highest score on the test, but she then was not very good at her job. The reason for that is because the class she was teaching was geometry, not algebra, calculus, or statistics. The test the school used to measure her intelligence when it came to math was not content valid for the class they wanted her to teach. Criterion related validity would measure if the test the school gave the candidates was an actual representation of how they would do on the job. Content validity and criterion related validity are used to establish construct validity, as they both focus on important aspects that make up construct validity.

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