Please make sure to keep assignments separated as they are f

Please make sure to keep assignments separated as they are for different classes. Thank you!!ASSIGNMENT # 1 SOCIAL BOND THEORY AND CRIME REDUCTIONIf you have not already studied the lecture and readings for this module, please do so before you begin this assignment.Imagine you are a juvenile probation officer. One of your new clients, Jennifer, is a fourteen-year-old who was placed on probation for drug offenses, but she has been involved in her fair share of status offenses as well.You are a strong believer in the ideas of social bond theory as being the cause of juvenile crime and delinquency. Based on social bond theory, what strategies would you give to Jennifer’s parents to help keep her on the right path?Write 2-3 pages that suggests at least three (3) strategies and be sure to show how each strategy connects to the ideas presented in social bond theory. What challenges might arise that make your strategies harder to implement?Please refer to Rasmussen’s APA Guide located on the Resources tab for information regarding APA format as well as APA referencing and citation procedures.ASSIGNMENT # 2 CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENTThe Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’ Many people believe this applies only to capital punishment and the death penalty. In reality, many actions constitute cruel and unusual punishment.In a one-to two-page paper, explain your understanding of what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Include at least two cases as examples to support your beliefs.Remember to use correct spelling and grammar, and cite any sources in APA format. For more information about APA, please visit the Online Library, which is available through the Resources tab.ASSIGNMENT # 3 POLICE STRESSDownload and read the following article prior to beginning your assignment.Finn, P. (2000, January). On-the-job stress in policing – reducing it, preventing it.National Institute of Justice Journal, 18-24. Retrieved from to articleRead the following article and in 2-3 pages, describe what your local police department is doing to combat police officer stress. In addition, provide 1-2 paragraphs your opinion as to how police officer stress should be addressed.Make sure you complete this assignment per APA requirements. For more information on APA, please navigate to the Resources page in this course.

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