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please correction and add some details from the way, answer the questions ,please. Peer Response QuestionsWhat did you like best about this paper? What did you learn about in this paper? What surprised you or provided you with useful information? What moved you or made you stop and think? What might the author add or expand on to answer questions that the paper has raised? What ideas are not supported well? What ideas are not clear? For example, is all the relevant history explained? Are all the connections between ideas evident? What do you need to see more about? What confused you? What parts did you have to read twice? Don’t be satisfied with saying, ‘Oh, I figured it out.’ If you stumbled somewhere in this paper, other readers probably will too, and the author needs to know that. What has the author assumed about readers’ knowledge or opinions that it may not be safe to assume? How could the writer remedy this problem? thank you

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