Pick a tax topic topic of emerging interest and write an ess

Pick a tax topic topic of emerging interest and write an essay of at least 300 words; provide at least 3 references. Internet research is expected. Assume the reader has no background information, so you must explain the topic for the uninformed. Submit to Turnitin by May 1.You may choose one of these or find a topic of your own. More may be added.Scoring will be based on writing and persuasion (50%) and contents and accuracy (50%); 20 points possible.Examples: The residential 30% solar credit is scheduled to expire after 2019, with reduced credits through 2021. If it expires, is this good policy? U. S. Supreme Court partially repeals Defense of Marriage Act making it possible for same-sex married couples to file jointly. Power purchase agreements; do the tax benefits pass through to the user in the form of reduced purchase costs? An article in the sports section of the San Diego U-T on Sunday April 19 suggested that San Diego Padres must pay higher compensation to players to compete with teams in states with no state income tax. Really? General Electric announced plans to repatriate $36 billion in income by transferring cash from controlled subsidiaries to the U.S. parent. Really? Why? How would the Trump tax proposals affect repatriation? Members of the U. S. House of Representatives, and President Trump, propose repealing the federal estate tax. Is this good policy? President Trump proposes taxing U.S. corporations, and other businesses, at 15%. Is this good policy.

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