Philosophy of Art General Requirements: Minimum 8 pages, typ

Philosophy of Art General Requirements: Minimum 8 pages, typed, double-spaced. A successful paper must have the following components: clearly defined position on a given topic; an argument in defense of your position; a discussion of possible objections and complications; clear and insightful exposition of related texts/ideas/ concepts; critical analysis of major ideas expressed in the text/s;good examples and analysis of the relevant works of art; All these elements need to be integrated in a well-written essay. Make sure you use complete sentences and make clear transitions from paragraph to paragraph. Avoid unnecessary repetitions, vague expressions and overgeneralizations. Be specific. Use quotes appropriately (do not over-quote, paraphrase instead). Guidelines for writing a philosophy paper:Begin your essay with a leading question. Provide appropriate historical, social or philosophical context for the question but try to be focused and precise.Anticipate the difficulties you face in tackling the question. Are the terms of the question clear? How was the question resolved by the authors we have read? Were their responses to the question satisfactory? Why or why not—be specific!Clarify position you are arguing. Don’t force the reader (in this case your professor) to guess where you are going. When you are clear about the question you ask, it will help you clarify the answer you intend to give. Argue your case. Demonstrate why you hold the position you do. The most common problem with student papers is that they only contain opinions, vague feelings and unsubstantiated assertions. Focus on the argument.Anticipate objections to your position and to your arguments. If you don’t know what your position is opposed to, it is doubtful you are clear about what your own position is.Don’t be afraid to be yourself, to be humorous, or charming, or sincere, or personal. Yet make sure your humor, charm, and personal reflections are relevant to the topic at hand.Think! Do not rush through this project, proceed from an outline, to a rough draft, to a more elaborate draft, to the final version. Give yourself at least two weeks from the initial conception of an idea to the final version. If there is no evidence of re-thinking and revising, the paper won’t qualify as “final,” only as a draft.

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