Personal Evaluation of Primary Event/Committee Assignment:

Personal Evaluation of Primary Event/Committee Assignment: What went well? Good food, guest really enjoyed food. Good service. Everything was on time and organization. Had all the supplies for the goody bags by the day of. Parking went well with group members directing guests where to park. Did not run out of any food. What need to improve? Transportation (confuse guest, the location for parking not fix with the information in email). Did not have enough volunteers for our event. Cooler for the drinks was leaking because there was no plug. Needed to be more prepared with all the utensils etc. Specific suggestions to improve: Have a more defined estimation of guests coming. Have the event at a different place next year because of transportation. Recommend Hooks for next year. Have more event specialized goody bags for guests (personalized koozies).At least 2 pages (22-25 lines per page)Do not need sources or references

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