PartOneof the Essay is titled “Talk Back to Aristotle.”

PartOneof the Essay is titled “Talk Back to Aristotle.” In this part of the essay youare asked to describe the views held by Aristotle and other men such asDemosthenes, Hipponax and Hyperides that attempt to prove women’s inferiorityat all levels. You are then asked to challenge the misogynistviews of these men by describing other women we have studied such as the“badass” goddesses and the women and goddesses in The Epic of Gilgamesh. Your goal here is to create acounter-narrative to the image of women promulgated by Aristotle and otherphilosophers.u can also use the writings of Gerda Lerner on patriarchyand the story of the Rape Lucretia intheir essay. Part Two of the essay requires you to choose women from the First and Second wave of the feminist movement whom you admire most and whom you believe contributed the most to the women’s movement. You must identify three women from the first wave, i.e., the right to vote movement, and three from the second wave of feminist action. You can use only the Modern History Sourcebook (on-line), To access texts in the Modern History Sourcebook for the First Wave of Feminism, do the following: Once you are on the Sourcebook, click on Liberalism and scroll down and click on Feminismthe documents attached and The Essential Feminist Reader by Estelle B. FriedmanWhenquoting from the philosophers or other sources, give the name of thephilosopher followed by the quote in parentheses. For example, Aristotle said, “Women are defective by nature.”

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