Part One: Choose two of the theories below to compare and co

Part One: Choose two of the theories below to compare and contrast thoroughly. Be sure to include what makes them similar, as well as what makes them different, and where you believe each could be applied most appropriately within an organization based on your text (using citations) and your personal experiences. If using a chart to help you organize the information would be helpful to you, please include it as a “Figure 1:” within your paper; however, this is not required. The heading for this part of your assignment will be “Part One.”Click here to view the Comparison/ Contrast Essays video. [Transcript available located under More option].Authentic Leadership TheoryEthical Leadership TheorySpiritual Leadership TheoryCharismatic LeadershipImplicit Leadership TheoryLeader-Member Exchange TheoryPath-goal TheoryFiedler’s Contingency ModelPart Two: Choose one theory, excluding the one you chose for Part One, that you can recall being applicable to one (or more) of your workplace conflict experiences. This should be introduced with the heading “Part Two” clearly labeled. Explain the event/scenario and how it characterizes the theory you chose.

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