Part I: Select a Human Services organization, in a certain r

Part I: Select a Human Services organization, in a certain region, nationwide, or at the global level (Examples of organizations could be the Harbel Community Organization in Baltimore, MD or Families Moving Forward in Minneapolis, MN.) Review the organization’s website, any related press releases, and journal articles that mention its programs or accomplishments. Address the following with regard to the organization you select: What it is about this organization’s services that interests you as human services professional?How is the organization structured and who are the stakeholders (Board of Directors, investors/funding sources, management team, government agencies, and clients, for example)?Any information the organization lists regarding employee engagement, motivation, benefits, and/or recognition.Part II: Imagine you have been hired as a supervisor within this organization. Address the following elements within the context of the organization’s mission and/or vision:How you would incorporate a contemporary management theory with your staff?How you would incorporate a motivational theory with your staff?What traits or experience you would find most appealing when hiring new employees? four appropriate references and be formatted according to APA format 5-to-6-page paper (not including the title page and reference page).

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