Part 1: Week 1–4Selecting the right personfor an open posi

Part 1: Week 1–4Selecting the right personfor an open position requires an analysis of all of the aspects of anapplicant, including his or her past experience (knowledge, skills, andeducation), his or her application and resume, and the interviewresponses.As a human resources (HR) recruiter, discuss with thehiring managers the importance of selecting the best candidates in yourindustry for the positions listed below. Be sure to consider matchingthe needs and culture of the organization. You may use the CareerServices interviewing section to assist you with your project. Completethe following:Discuss the process for developing interviewquestions for an hourly position (e.g., a receptionist, data entryoperator, customer service representative, etc.) and a specialistposition (e.g., a technician, chef, nurse, foreman, accountant,engineer, librarian, etc.), and be sure to include the steps fordetermining appropriate questions.Discuss the 3 types of interviews, and give examples of each type.Developa total of 8 interview questions (4 questions per position), developthe question responses, and explain what you would be looking for witheach answer.Provide a mixture of behavioral and technical questions that you believe are the most important. Part 2: Week 5Review the comments on your Key Assignment Draft from your instructor and peers, and complete the following:Make any necessary revisions to your final presentation based on their suggestions.Additionalcontent should be at least 14 PowerPoint slides in length with at least 100 words of speaker notes per slide, and it should include thefollowing details: How does the HR department support theorganization’s competitiveness by maintaining a highly skilled andmotivated workforce through training and development?Discussthe tactics that companies can use to ensure that they retain highlyqualified employees through no-cost and low-cost compensation, training,and development.From your prior knowledge, experiences, andlearning, discuss at least 2 strategic changes that you would recommendto your current company or industry to improve its training anddevelopment to retain its best employees. At least 14 slides total plus speaker notes

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