Part 1: Research: Learn the key terms and basic functionalit

Part 1: Research: Learn the key terms and basic functionality of the stock market.Research the stock market. What is a stock? What is a share? What is an exchange? Identify the various exchanges where stocks can be traded and discuss their similarities and differences (i.e. NYSE, NASDAQ). What types of companies are traded on each?Research stock market performance indicators, such as the DOW Jones and S&P 500. What do the indicators measure? How do they help predict the performance of the market? What are their flaws?Research the sectors of the market. Identify three companies in each sector.Research companies in which you would invest. What characteristics do they have that make them good prospects? In other words, why might you choose to invest in each one of them?Compile the answers to these questions in a research report consisting of four to five well-developed paragraphs. This will be the first part of your Research Project.Make sure you give credit to the sources you use. (See information later in this section for citing examples.)I did some research :Part 1:Stock- a share of ownership of a company Share- units in ownership in a corporation or financial asset that provide for an equal distribution in any profitsExchange- a marketplace in which securities, commodities, derivatives and other financial instruments are traded Stock Exchanges:- Auction Exchanges- NYSE Specialists are physically present on the exchange trading floors-Nasdaq (an Electronic Exchange) -Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) -Over the Counter (OTC) -Summary: Buyers and Selers are connected only by computers over a telecommunications network. Part of an exchange class called alternative trading systems. ECNs connect buyers and sellets directly, bypassing market markers. Refers to markets other than the organized exchanges described above. Generally list small companiesTwo big US exchanges: NYSE, Nasdaq]Stock market Indicators:-Sectors of a stock market:Financials- banks investment funds.. etc ( Financial Select Sector SPDR fund, Vanguard Financials, SPDR S&P Bank ETF) Utilities- electric, gas, water ( Utilities Select Sector, Vanguard Utilities ETF, iShares Global Infrastructure) Consumer Discretionary- retailers, media companies… etc ( Consumer Discretionary Select Sector, Consumer Discretionary AlphaDEX Fund, Vanguard Consumer Discretion) Consumer Staples- food and beverage companies ( Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR, Consumer Staples AlphaDEX Fund, Vanguard Consumer Staples)Energy- oil and gas exploration ( Energy Select Sector, Alerian MLP ETF, Vanguard Energy)Health Care- biotechnology, hospital management ( Health Car Select Sector SPDR, Nasdaq Biotechnology, Vanguard Health Care) Industrials- aerospace, defense, machinery… etc (Industrial Select Sector, Vanguard Industrials, iShares Transportation average)Technology- electronic maufactures (Technology Select Sector SPDR, Vanguard Information Tech ETF, DJ Internet Index Fund)Telecom- wireless providers, cable companies… etc (Vanguard Telecom ETF, iShares US Telecommunications ETF, iShares Global Telecom ETF) 10. Materials- mining, refining, chemical…etc (Market Vectors TR Gold miners, Materials Select Sector SPDR, iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF) Picking a Stock Criteria: – Earnings growth- Recent earnings surprises- Price/earnings ratio – Dividends – Marketcap or size – Industry Relative strength

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