Paper Guidelines: develop a well-organized and thorough rese

Paper Guidelines: develop a well-organized and thorough research paper on their chosen topic. The paper should follow these guidelines. Length: The paper should be between 11 and 12 pages (double-spaced) in length. This page length excludes figures/graphs and the bibliography. Organization: Please organize the paper into appropriate sections based on the main topics of your paper. Information Sources: For the purposes of research, a combination of journal articles, governmental documents and other appropriate references should be used (a minimum of 10 references should be used). Use only those references from credible sources. Citation format: Please cite the information sources used within the text using the following format: Bibliography format: I do not care which format you use (APA or MLA) as long at is consistent throughout. (last name of author, year of publication) Example: Four out of five dentists recommend that flossing your teeth is beneficial (Smith, 2003). Journal article example (APA format): Smith, E. (2003). Benzene exposure among fuel pump technicians. American Industrial Hygiene Journal, 2, 175-200. MINIMUM PAPER REQUIREMENTS: Paper length (10-11 double spaced) (not including tables or figures) A total of 10 credible resources The paper must be the student’s own work (not plagiarized or written by someone else) AND it should be a paper that has not been previously submitted for any other course. -% -% 0 for paper FORMAT/GRAMMAR/ORGANIZATION: The overall organization of the paper If proper grammar and syntax are used Whether information is properly cited within the text If the bibliography contains the appropriate references Whether references contained in the bibliography are correctly cited 20 CONTENT: Abstract: oOne or two paragraphs that summarize the entire paper. oThe abstract states the research thesis/question, the main source of the research that you found, and the main results of your research. Introductory section: oThe research thesis/question is clearly stated and the purpose of the paper adequately explained oThe importance of the topic is explain Body of Paper: oAll information discussed in the paper relates back to the research question. oBackground information is provided about the extent of the problem (statistics, data, scientific studies). oThe points made within the paper are well-articulated and clearly explained oEach paragraph has thoughtful supporting detail sentences that develop the main idea. oAny arguments presented are backed up by supporting evidence. Conclusion: oThe thesis of the paper is restated and the main results of the research are summarized in concise points. oThere is a discussion about the ramifications of the issue an the research that you have found. oThere is a discussion in the conclusion of the amount and quality of research that you have found and included in your paper 80 TOTAL POINTS 100

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