Owningthe Market’ Please respond to thefollowing:Economistaw

Owningthe Market’ Please respond to thefollowing:Economistawareness of consequences of Wealth Inequality across different states in U.S.,across Canada, and across World. .http://www.npr.org/2015/01/22/378884647/senator-as… Wealth Inequality and Inearlier week, we saw how the western European economies, especially of France,has higher living standards than we do. One of the reasons is they do not havethe severe ‘economic underclass’ as well as crime in inner cities problems we dothat cost so much money. Therefore they can afford their great benefits. Checkout this example below of our inner city problems, and an attempt to makesituation better. CamdenDoctor and Organization Makes National News in HealthcareReform –Thisis a small movement towards what they have in France, England etc. as permovie Sicko—.Short10 minute Video on PBS http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/doctor-hot…Frompage 1 of (Trenton) TheTimes onMemorial Day May 28, 2012, on Dr. Brenner’s work–http://www.nj.com/mercer/index.ssf/2012/05/health_…

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