Outcome: Prepare presentation draft .https://www.youtube.com

Outcome: Prepare presentation draft .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzV6mXIOVl4&feature=youtu.beYou will watch the movie ‘Her’ – a compelling story of human-machine relationships in the not too distant future. What if the tech pioneers met ‘Her’? Imagine the possibilities! You will prepare a will scripted video blog, try to think of real instances where you have been augmented by artificial intelligence. In your video blog you will consider the questions:Given your research into Doug Engelbart and your understanding of their perspective of technology – What would Doug Engelbart think about ‘Her’?Would he think this is an inevitable future or Would they dismiss it as science fiction?What interface systems today are leading us in the direction of ‘Her’?Do you think it is a desirable future for the human technology interface?What are the pro’s and con’s of the ‘Her’ future?While you are watching ‘Her’ note the use of digital art in public spaces as part of the setting for the ‘not to distant future’?Is our reality becoming ‘hyper-reality’ – note the video provided this week on hyper augmented reality, can you cite instances of that in your life?only one page

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