Organized and Disorganized Serial KillersA key characteristi

Organized and Disorganized Serial KillersA key characteristic of a serial killer is whether he or she is organized or disorganized. Your texts discuss this topic. Be sure to read the assigned sections for this week in order to complete this assignment:You are a behavioral analyst who has been hired to train your city’s homicide detectives about organized and disorganized serial killers. Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint that addresses the following points:Explain the characteristics of organized and disorganized serial killers.Describe the kinds of clues that can indicate whether a serial killer is organized or disorganized.Explain how determining whether a serial killer is organized or not can assist in the investigation. For example, can clues from the crime scenes give you information about the serial killer’s lifestyle, personality, etc.?Give a real-life example of both types of serial killers. Your texts offer profiles of many serial killers, so you can look there for examples.Be sure to show specifically why you consider each to be organized or disorganized.Indicate how this determination affected the investigation, if applicable.Support your responses with examples.Add additional content in the Notes section of the presentation.Cite any sources in APA format.

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