Objectives:* 5.1* 5.2* Instructions* Assignment Files* Gradi

Objectives:* 5.1* 5.2* Instructions* Assignment Files* GradingAssess your current or most recent place of employment.Identify potential workplace violence issues related to each of the following categories. Make sure to use your own example(s) for each category:* Outside persons (i.e., A robber intent on stealing from your store)* Customers or clients (i.e., A former student who arrives on campus to inflict harm)* Employees (i.e., An employee that attacks a coworker)* Outside person who has a direct connection with an employee (i.e., an ex-spouse intending on inflicting harm on the other ex-spouse)Create a 350-word contingency protection plan outline for each potential issue.Use the following template for each outline, creating as many headings and sub-headings as needed:I. Violence by Outside Persons (describe)A. Policy Statement1.2.B. Summary of Training (describe)1.2.II. Violence by Customers or ClientsInclude the following in each contingency plan:* Policy Statement against this form of violence in the workplace* Summary of training for employees to prevent this type of violence* Responsibilities of managers and employees before, during, and after incidentCreate correctly formatted APA references and a title page, and include a minimum of three references.

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